Thanks for checking my Bluetooth controlled Nerf turret project. I do not suppose there’s an excessive amount of explaining to try and do here, this is often a Nerf turret controlled via Bluetooth either from AN robot device or a computer.


Nothing super advanced. the lean associated pan movement square measure handled by two servos driven by an Arduino Nano.

The darts square measure shot victimization two rollers spun by two tiny DC motors. A servo pushes the darts into the rollers once the order to shoot is shipped. The magazine will hold seven darts.

As mentioned on top of it’s controlled via Bluetooth either from an associate golem device or a laptop.

We will currently see a way to use the software package and setup the servos.

    The software package comes in three versions :

    1. associate degree possible that you {just} just got to transfer and run (this is nice if you cannot code . sadly this solely works on windows).
    2. associate degree golem app
    3. A repository together with all the python and UI files needed to run the program. be at liberty to boost and hinge on the prevailing code!


     Plug the power supply.

     – Now you should be able to pair the Bluetooth module to your device (PC or android phone).

     – If you are using a PC, find the COM port used by the Bluetooth module in the device manager 

    Start the software then connect to the turret. If you are using the PC app you will be asked what COM port to use.

     – Once you are connected to the turret place you mouse cursor at the top center of the control pad then screw the tilt and pan servos with the barrel facing up.


    The rack and magazine are available 2 totally different versions. One designed for MG-90s servos and therefore the alternative for MG996r servos. MG996r servos will be power-hungry. make certain your power offer is going to be up to the work if you choose to use them.




    • 4 M5x20 countersunk screws
    • M2x10 self-taping screws (around 30)
    • 2x type 130 dc motors (rated 9V or more)
    • Arduino Nano (or clone)
    • HC-05 Bluetooth module
    • LM2596 buck converter
    • 1x MG-90s  servos + 2x MG-90s or MG996r servos
    • FR207 rectifier diode
    • resistors (10kΩ, 330Ω, 680Ω)
    • heatshrink tubing
    • 20mm rubber band
    • 9V power supply (2.5 amps minimum)
    • 1.5mm metal rod
    • Dupont connectors
    • 2.1×5.5mm jack plug
    • wires

    Main Circuit Diagram

    Here is the main wiring diagram.
    The wiring is divided into small sections linked together using Dupont connectors. This is for ease of assembly

    HC-05 Bluetooth module wiring

    Here is the HC-05 Bluetooth wiring.
    This piece of wiring includes a voltage divider to allow the 5V coming out of the Arduino to be stepped down to about 3.3V for the HC-05 Receiver pin.