DMG may be a disk image format for mack rather like associate degree ISO move into Windows. That means it’s potential to mount a DMG file on a virtual disk or write it to a videodisk and access its contents. A macOS installation package with DMG extension permits making bootable installer DVDs. My initial expertise with burning a DMG file to videodisk was really on Windows, back in 2013, once Felis concolor was the software. I accidentally formatted the hard disc of my iMac and lost the recovery partition within the method. the sole choice left on behalf of me was shopping for associate degree OS X Lion Installer disc because the net Recovery needed tons of information measure and time. Later, I found the simplest way to burn a macOS DMG file to a bootable videodisk on my Windows laptop computer. Eventually, I restored my iMac to OS X twenty.8 mistreatment an equivalent videodisk as a macOS installation disc.

Steps to burn DMG file to a bootable macOS DVD in Windows

This is regarding burning a raincoat OS X installer in DMG format (InstallESD.DMG) to a DVD within the Windows surroundings. Please note that it’s Associate in Nursing’s previous technique applicable to raincoat OS X Felis concolor. However, the procedure is somewhat an equivalent if you transfer a compatible macOS High Sierra or Catalina in DMG format for Transmac on Windows.

Let’s see the steps and necessities to attain what you see within the video.

  •  Get macOS Installer in DMG format. (Check below for macOS mountain range and Catalina)
  • we tend to use OS X ten.8 panther downloaded from the mackintosh app store. you may conjointly realize a duplicate of the net.
  • Install the free Windows application 7-ZIP (download) to extract and find InstallESD.DMG, which has all files to make a bootable macOS optical disc.
  • Now, transfer and install TransMac version twelve (i5-day trial) for Windows ten from this link.
  • Run Transmac app as administrator, by right-clicking on its icon.
  • Click on the File tab at the highest, and choose the choice “Open Disk Image” to load
    macOS installer DMG file to the software package.
  • realize the DMG file loaded on the left aspect, right-click thereon and prefer to burn it to the optical disc.
  • Once you write InstallESD.DMG file to optical disc on Windows, load it to a macintosh and begin it.
  • Press the choice key and choose the listed optical disc as your installation supply.

The macOS range of mountains and Catalina DMG files have a size of around five.8 and 8 GB. For this file size, you would like a dual-layer (8.5 GB) DVD. as an alternative, if your Macintosh does not have a DVD drive, you will take into account creating a macOS USB installer disk.

Make a macOS install DVD in Windows PC from DMG/ISO image

Apple has modified the file design of the macOS installer from OS X Mavericks ten.9. Hence, you can’t follow the above-given technique to directly extract InstallESD.DMG in Windows and build it a bootable optical disk in newer macOS variants like Catalina and mountain range. it’s doable to find InstallESD.DMG or Basesystem.DMG from the ‘Shared Support’ folder within the macOS installation package ending with APP extension, but still, you can’t build it bootable for a USB or optical disk.

A workaround for this downside is to make the Create DMG come in a mack itself from the official macOS installer. However, most of the people looking for strategies to burn macOS optical disks on Windows do not have a mack within the operating state. we’ve regenerated macOS Catalina, Mojave, and mountain range app to DMG format for such users.

Download macOS offline installer IDMG and APP]

This transfer is hosted on OneDrive for fast and straightforward downloads. though Mojave is that the newest macOS unharness, it’s not compatible with older I Macs and MacBook professionals. Hence, we tend to additionally offer range in DMG format for those that wish it. for private use on your raincoat solely. we’ll set an associate degree termination date for the transfer link to stop action and hot-linking,

Convert the downloaded macOS Mojave or High Sierra DMG to ISO or IMG You may want macOS in ISO or IMG format if Transmac doesn’t work as expected to create Install DVD from DMG. It is also useful for running macOS on Virtualbox.

Download DMG to IMG 1.67.

Extract the tool to the folder where you have macOS Mojave or High Serra DMG installer. Then, right-click and open the DMG file and point to the DMG2IMG program. The conversation starts immediately, showing the progress In a command-line interface.

Windows ten natively support mounting or burning files with ISO and IMG extensions. Hence, IMG is simply enough for the aim if burning DMG to videodisk in Windows laptop is that the sole demand. to do this, right-click on the IMG file and choose the choice “bun to a DVD disc” and follow the directions.

We also have an article on how to convert macOS to ISO on Mac and Windows.

Alternative options to burn DMG in Windows 10 without the DVD drive.

If you’ve got Ian’s previous iMac or MacBook professional with a DVD slot you’ll use the on top of technique to revive macOS through a bootable DVD installer created from a DMG supply. However, as you recognize, none of the new Macs has an Associate in Nursing optical drive. allow us to verify a number of alternatives.

  • Format a USB Drive to the GPT partition theme in Windows. Next, restore the macOS Mojave or range of mountains DMG exploitation Transmac.
  • Get a transportable DVD author also into the macOS installer.


External onerous disks conjointly work well for this demand provided the filing system is within the HES+ format with the GUID partition theme.

Burn DMG to DVD in macOS Catalina ten.15

Looking for a way to burn the Catalina or High &errs DMG Installer on your raincoat computer? Here is that the simplest and universal methodology for writing files with DMG extension to DVD disc on macOS.

Right-click on the DMG file. Now, as shown within the screenshot select the option” Burn Disk Image to Disc,’ Then, choose the choices pro re nata. Keep the burning speed at an all-time low rate to avoid write errors, though the likelihood is that rare,

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