01. Blaise Pascal unreal the primary mechanical totalizer in 1642

02. Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz unreal the primary calculator for multiplication in 1671

03. Keyboard machines originated within us around 1880

03. Around 1880, Hollerith came up with the conception of punched cards that were extensively used as input media till the late Seventies.

Charles Babbage is considered to be the father of modern digital computers

He designed “Difference Engine” in 1822

He designed a totally automatic analytical engine in 1842 for playacting basic arithmetic functions

His efforts established a variety of principles that square measure elementary to the look of any information processing system. The Mark I pc (1937-44).

The Atanasoff-Berry pc (1939-42)

The ENIAC (1943-46)

The EDVAC (1946-52)

The EDSAC (1947-49)

Manchester Mark I (1948)

The UNIVAC I (1951)


  • Generation” in computer talk is a step in technology. It provides a framework for the growth of the computer industry

  •  Originally it was used to distinguish between varying hardware technologies, but now it has been extended to include both hardware and software

  •  Till today, there are five computer generations