The wait is over Follow easy Steps and transfer Proteus software system Library for Arduino ide freed from value. this can facilitate beginners additionally as skilled. the attention-grabbing issue is that currently, the user will check their code and project associated with Arduino on the Proteus software system for complimentary while not progressing to the hardware aspect. Once a user with success verified his code and project in proteus software system then he’s able to choose hardware and it’s ninety-nine .9% possibilities that this project can work like charm. I request to each reader that has to share this Arduino Library along with your faculty mates, friends, university friends, teacher, and colleagues.

Step 1:  First of All Download Library Files ( A zip folder ).

Step 2: Extract Zip Folder and Paste these three files named as ARDUINOTEP.LIB & ARDUINOTEP.IDX into Library folder of Proteus Software.

Step 3: If you are using Proteus 8 then Library folder will be in the data Folder (This Pc > Local Disk (c) > Program Files > Labcoder Electronics > Proteus 8 professional > library
Step 4: Now open Proteus software and search for Arduino.

Step 5: How to Add Hex file into Arduino so it,s easy Double click on flame sensor  module and then click on program File to Add your Hex file (You can find Hex file inside zip folder ArduinoTEP.HEX )

Step 6: Now it,s time to test and simulate the flame sensor module in Proteus software. When you turn test pin logic into “1” it,s mean that your sensor is sensing the fire and when it’s LOW it means that there’s no Arduino.
Step 7: It,s time to Play With Touch sensor module in Proteus Enjoy ……..
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