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Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ. Engineering Technical, Basic Electrical, one joule per second is, Filters are used to Convert.


    Question 1: A current is said to be alternating when it changes in?

  • Direction only
  • Magnitude only
  • Both Magnitude & Direction
  • None of these
  • Answers: Both Magnitude & Direction

    Question 2: If 2 sinusoidal of the same frequency but of different amplitudes and phase difference are added, the resultant is a?

  • Sinusoid of the same Frequency
  • Non-sinusoid
  • Sinusoid of half the original Frequency
  • sinusoid of double the original frequency
  • Answers: Sinusoid of the same Frequency

    Question 3:A 240V single-phase ac source is connected to a load with an impedance of 10 2. A capacitor is connected in parallel with the load. If the capacitor supplies 1,250 VAR, the Real power supplied by the source is:

  • 2,500 watts
  • 1,200 Watts
  • 3,600 Watts
  • 2,880 Watts
  • Answers: 2,880 Watts

    Question 4:A source of angular frequency 1 rad/sec has a source impedance consisting of 1 resistance in series with 1H inductance. The load that will obtain the maximum power transfer is?

  • 1 Resistance in parallel with 1H inductance
  • 12 Resistance in series with 1F capacitor
  • 12 resistance in parallel with 1F capacitor
  • 1 Resistance
  • Answers: 12 Resistance in series with 1F capacitor

    Question 5: The rated voltage of a 3-phase power system is given as?

  • RMS Phase voltage
  • Peak Line-to-Line Voltage
  • RMS Line-to-Line Voltage
  • Peak phase voltage
  • Answers: RMS Line-to-Line Voltage

    Question 6: For a 3-phase Load balanced condition, each phase has the same value of?

  • Resistance
  • Impedance
  • Power Factor
  • All of these
  • Answers: All of these

    Question 7: A 3-phase Delta-connected symmetrical load consumes P watts of power from a balanced supply. If the same load is connected in star to the same supply, then what is the power consumption?

  • P
  • P/3
  • 3P
  • 4P
  • Answers: P/3

    Question 8: 2 resistors of equal values are connected series across the lines B and C of a symmetrical 3-phase, 400V system. What is the magnitude of the voltage between the line A and the junction of resistors?

  • 100/3
  • 600/3
  • 200/3
  • 400/3
  • Answers: 200/3

    Question 9: If a load is purely inductive and the reactive power is 12 VAR, the apparent power is?

  • 12VA
  • 6VA
  • 30VA
  • 40VA
  • Answers: 12VA

    Question 10: In a Series RL circuit, 9 V RMS is measured across the Resistor, and 15V rms is measured across the inductor. The peak value of the source voltage is?
  • 25.25V
  • 20.50V
  • 30.20V
  • 17.49V
  • Answers: 17.49V

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