AC Fundamentals - Electrical Engineering (MCQ)


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    Question 1: The period of a wave is?

  • none of the above
  • the same as frequency
  • time required to complete one cycle
  • expressed in amperes
  • Answers: time required to complete one cycle

    Question 2: In a highly capacitive circuit the?

  • reactive power is more than the actual power
  • actual power is more than its reactive power
  • apparent power is equal to the actual power
  • reactive power is more than the apparent power
  • Answers: reactive power is more than the actual power

    Question 3: The power is measured m terms of decibels in case of?

  • current transformers
  • transformers
  • auto-transformers
  • electronic equipment
  • Answers: electronic equipment

    Question 4: The best place to install a capacitor is?

  • any where
  • across the terminals of the inductive load
  • very near to inductive load
  • far away from the inductive load
  • Answers: across the terminals of the inductive load

    Question 5: In an A.C. circuit power is dissipated in?

  • none of the above
  • capacitance only
  • resistance only
  • inductance only
  • Answers: resistance only

    Question 6: Power factor of electric bulb is?

  • lagging
  • zero
  • leading
  • unity
  • Answers: unity

    Question 7: Capacitors for power factor correction are rated in ?

  • kW
  • kVAR
  • kV
  • kVA
  • Answers: kVAR

    Question 8: For the full wave rectified sine wave the RMS value is?

  • zero
  • 0.318 Imax
  • 0.707 Imax
  • 0.636 Imax
  • Answers: 0.707 Imax

    Question 9: Power factor of an electrical circuit is equal to?

  • all above
  • R/Z
  • cosine of phase angle difference between current and voltage
  • kW/kVA
  • Answers: all above

    Question 10: all above ?

  • none of the above
  • more than resonant frequency
  • resonant frequency
  • less than resonant frequency
  • Answers: less than resonant frequency

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