AC fan speed control

I use this fan to cool down my space, however typically it’s too quick and that I have to be compelled to oft flip it on and off to stay traditional temperature. perhaps it’s potential to cut back the speed by connecting an electrical device serial or employing a variac.

I have searched the web and this web site however found contradicting answers. Some say that the speed will even be reduced by employing a Triac whereas others say that an electrical device serial will destroy associate degree induction motor. The fan motor is 60W.

AC Fan & Motor Speed Controls

Control Resources may be a leading manufacturer of AC motor speed management products that management motors, fans or pumps for a spread of business applications with current rating up to eighteen amps. Our AC motor speed controls regulate motor speed supported inputs that embody temperature, analog (0-20mA, 0-10VDC) signal or remote electrical device management. Mounting choices embody DIN rail, open frame, with and while not metal enclosures. management Resources is an o.e.m (Original instrumentality Manufacturer) provider of fan and motor speed management and alarm product. Our product isn’t supposed for end-user/aftermarket applications.

Can any AC motor be variable speed?

The speed of any AC motor relies on the applied frequency. … Smaller still, customary low-tension variable frequency drives will currently management magnet synchronous motors additionally to induction motors. DC motors area unit inherently variable speed, keen about the coil voltage to control speed.

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