Automatic Transfer Switch connection:

This diagram shows how to make an automatic transfer switch connection. In this circuit diagram, we simply use a single-phase energy meter, 2 magnetic contactors, an 8-pin relay, DP MCB (Double Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker ), and a power generator. This diagram is very simple and very easy to connect it. If you want to more clear details connection about this diagram please check our youtube video below the post.


Diagram of Automatic Transfer Switch connection:

Automatic Transfer Switch connection

Components needed For this Project:

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  2. pin8_relay
  3. Single Phase Generator 2000W[See Buy Click Amazon]
  4. Single Phase Energy Meter [See Buy Click Amazon]

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Components used to make the 2 switch controlled a light:

Magnetic Contactor:

A magnetic contactor is an electromagnetic switching device. It is generally used for controlling 3-phase Motors. The operation of a magnetic contactor is similar to that of a Relay. but a relay is used for low-power or low-voltage connections, and a magnetic contactor is used for high-power or high-voltage connections. As soon as the supply is applied to the magnetic contactor coil. its normally open contacts are closed and normally closed contacts are opened and the associated devices are also operated. This is how a magnetic contactor works.

8-Pin Relay:

The most popular relay for automation work is the 8 Pin Relay. The 8-pin relay has a DC or AC coil as the main part. which is connected to two pins. There are two common parts. Underneath a Common part are a NO and an NC part. No part is normally open with a common part and the NC part is normally closed. The timer base used for automation is the same as the 8-relay base. That is, switching can be done using the timer base. This is basically how a relay switch works for the relay.


DP MCB In 2 Pole MCB, switching & protection is affected in phases and the neutral. A Double Pole or DP Switch is a Switch that Controls 2 Circuits at the same time. In terms of Residential Switching, this Normally means it Switches the live and Neutral at the same time. In Layperson Terms, Double Pole switches or DP Switches are Exclusively Designed to Control 2 Different Electrical Circuits at the same time, which allows the Appliances to Isolate safely and reliably. Fan or light Combinations and Medical Equipment are some of the many applications for DP Electrical Switches and Electrical components.

Single Phase Energy Meter:

A Single-Phase Energy Meter is a sort of Watt-Hour meter. It consists of two Electromagnets. Single-Phase Energy Meter is also Popularly known as a watt-hour meter. 1 Magnet is called the shunt magnet Ml which is Mounted with a Pressure coil. The Pressure coil is a long coil Made of fine Copper wire that is connected across the Supply single-phase line. Single-phase energy meters are suitable for measuring single-phase AC current flow frequencies of 50/60 Hz, which are used for fixed indoor installation systems.

Power Generator:

An electric generator is a type of Electrical device that converts mechanical energy or power into electrical energy or power. However, dynamo generally refers to generators only. The first generator built was called a dynamo. This electrical device makes this conversion using the principle of kinetic electromagnetic energy generation. According to Farad is principle of electromagnetic induction, a dynamic electromagnetic induction is induced in a conductor when it passes through a magnetic flux.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the two types of automatic transfer switches?

There are 2 types of automatic transfer switches, circuit diagram breakers, and contactors. The circuit diagram breaker type has two interlocked circuit diagram breakers, so only 1 breaker can be closed at any time.

What are the 4 types of switches?

There are 4 main types of switches— single pole single power supply throw, single pole double throw, double pole single throw, or double pole and double throw.

What is the disadvantage of an automatic transfer switch?

When an automatic switch senses signals in a building's primary power supply that seems to indicate an impending power outage, it switches the building from utility feed to generator feed to avoid the coming outage.

How do you size a transfer switch?

For service disconnect and switches, the amperage must match that of the main breaker in your electrical panel, as (it's usually located at the very top of the box.) So, if you have a 200-amp main and breaker, you'll need a 200-amp automatic transfer and switch.

What is the purpose of a transfer switch?

A transfer and switch is a device designed to transfer electrical loads between power supply sources, such as utility power and generator power. During a power outage, it is utilized to connect electrical loads to a backup power source, typically a generator.

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