Automatic Changeover Switch Connection:

This diagram shows how to make an automatic changeover switch connection. In this circuit diagram, we use an ATS ( Automatic Transfer Switch ), a single-phase energy meter, a DP MCB ( Double Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker ), a 3 SP MCB ( Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker ), an inverter, a 12V DC battery ( Direct Current ). This diagram is very simple and easy to connect it. If you want to easily make this circuit please check our youtube video in the below post.


Diagram of Automatic Changeover Switch Connection:

Automatic Changeover Switch Connection

Components needed For this Project:

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  2. DP MCB 32A [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. SP MCB 20A [See Buy Click Amazon]
  4. ATS Aytimatic [See Buy Click Amazon]
  5. Single Phase Inverter 500W[See Buy Click Amazon]
  6. 12V Battery[See Buy Click Amazon]

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Components used to make the Changeover Switch Connection:

01. Single Phase Energy Meter:

A Single-Phase Energy Meter is a sort of Watt-Hour meter. It consists of two Electromagnets. Single-Phase Energy Meter is also Popularly known as a watt-hour meter. 1 Magnet is called the shunt magnet Ml which is Mounted with a Pressure coil. The Pressure coil is a long coil Made of fine Copper wire that is connected across the Supply single-phase line. Single-phase energy meters are suitable for measuring single-phase AC current flow frequencies of 50/60 Hz, which are used for fixed indoor installation systems.

02. DP MCB:

DP MCB In 2 Pole MCB, switching & protection is affected in phases and the neutral. A Double Pole or DP Switch is a Switch that Controls 2 Circuits at the same time. In terms of Residential Switching, this Normally means it Switches the live and Neutral at the same time. In Layperson Terms, Double Pole switches or DP Switches are Exclusively Designed to Control 2 Different Electrical Circuits at the same time, which allows the Appliances to Isolate safely and reliably. Fan or light Combinations and Medical Equipment are some of the many applications for DP Electrical Switches and Electrical components.

03. SP MCB:

In single-pole MCB, Switching and protection are Affected in only one Phase. Single phase supply to break the phase only. A single Pole breaker is Typically used with 120-volt Circuits, and a 6-20 amps Miniature Circuit Breaker. They are constructed with one Line Wire and one Neutral wire. A Single Pole switch is the most basic General-Purpose switch that you use to Control a light or another device from one location. These Switches have 2 Brass-Colored screw Terminals Connected to the hot Power source wires. Pole refers to the number of Circuits Controlled by the Switch SP Switches Control only one Switch Electrical Circuit.

04. ATS:

ATS is a generator & grid power line connection. ATS works to automatically start the generator when the grid power line goes down. ATS works to automatically shut down the generator when the grid power line comes again. There are 2 types of automatic transfer switches, circuit breakers, and contactors. The Circuit Breaker type has 2 Interlocked Circuit Breakers. so only one breaker can be closed at any time. The Contactor type is a Simpler Design that is Electrically Operated and Mechanically held to the system.

05. Inverter:

An inverter is an Electrical device that converts DC current into alternating current (AC) at any voltage and frequency system that can be operated through suitable Transformers, switches, and control circuits. Inverters have no moving parts and are used in a wide range of applications, including high-voltage DC applications in electrical utilities that provide large amounts of power. Inverters are Commonly used to supply AC Power from DC Sources such as Solar Panels or Electric Batteries.

06. 12V Battery:

A 12V Battery is Available As a Non-Rechargeable Alkaline Battery Or In Rechargeable Forms. This Battery is Often Used in Various Outdoor Applications that Require Greater Amounts of Energy in Order to Operate as Desired. 12V Battery is a Name Given to a Unique Style of Battery, but its Voltage is More Than 12 Volts. In Such Cases Where a 12V Portable Battery is Used to Replace an onboard 12-volt Battery, It Is Usually Lighter Than a Standard Version. This is Because It is more likely to be Transported Between Uses and Consumers Will Not Choose to Carry a Large, Bulky Battery. A Portable 12V Battery is Usually Sealed in a case so That it is Waterproof.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a 3-phase automatic changeover switch?

A three-phase transfer switch (ATS) forms the interface between the Gen set utility and the consuming electrical equipment. the main function of ATS is, it monitor power sources for failure & transfer load from one power source to another.

What is an auto changeover panel?

The Changeover automatically switches mains electricity from 1 Power supply to another. in the event of a fire or mains power failure, to ensure continuous supply to firefighting lifts.

What is an auto changeover scheme?

What is Auto Change Over? The load can be transferred from one Bus to another Bus by using Auto Change Over Scheme. It means, within specific conditions, the load can be transferred to another bus by automatically ON or OFF the breakers, without disturbing any load.

What is the function of the changeover switch?

A changeover Circuit Diagram switch is designed to transfer a house (or business) and electricity from the commercial power supply grid to a local generator when an outage occurs. Also known as “transfer and switches,” they connect directly to the generator, and commercial power supply or line, and the house.

Why is a changeover needed?

In electrical systems, a changeover switch is used to switch the power supply from a primary source to a secondary source in the event of a power failure or maintenance. This ensures continuity of power supply and can be crucial for critical systems such as hospitals, data centers, and industrial facilities.

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