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A DC Motor is defined as a class of electric motors that convert direct current energy into mechanical energy. From the above definition of a DC Motor.


    Question 1: Three point starter can be used for?

  • series motor only
  • shunt motor only
  • both shunt and compound motor
  • compound motor only
  • Answers: both shunt and compound motor

    Question 2: In DC motor which of the following can sustain the maximum temperature rise?

  • Field winding
  • Slip rings
  • Commutator
  • Armature winding
  • Answers: Field winding

    Question 3: Buses, trains, trolleys, hoists, cranes require high starting torque and therefore make use of?

  • DC shunt motor
  • induction motor
  • all of above motors
  • DC series motor
  • Answers: DC series motor

    Question 4: Which of the following method of speed control of DC machine will offer minimum efficiency?

  • Voltage control method
  • Armature control method
  • Field control method
  • All above methods
  • Answers: Armature control method

    Question 5: ln case the back EMF and the speed of a dc motor are doubled, the torque developed by the motor will?

  • reduce to one-fourth value
  • increase four folds
  • remain unchanged
  • be doubled
  • Answers: remain unchanged

    Question 6: Which of the following motors one will choose to drive the rotary compressor?

  • DC shunt motor
  • DC series motor
  • Universal motor
  • Synchronous motor
  • Answers: Synchronous motor

    Question 7: Which of the following motors is usually used in house-hold refrigerators?

  • DC shunt motor
  • Single phase induction motor (split phase start or induction run motor)
  • DC series motor
  • Reluctance motor
  • Answers: Single phase induction motor (split phase start or induction run motor)

    Question 8: Torque developed by a DC motor depends upon

  • magnetic field
  • number of conductors
  • all above factors
  • current flow through the conductors
  • Answers: all above factors

    Question 9: Which of the following DC motors has the least drop in speed between no-load and nominal load?

  • Shunt motor with commutating pole
  • Series motor without commutating poles
  • Compound motor without commutating poles
  • Series motor with commutating poles
  • Answers: Shunt motor with commutating pole

    Question 10: Which of the following statement is incorrect ? If a starter is not used with large DC motor, it will draw a starting current which?

  • will damage the commutator
  • will produce excessive line voltage drop
  • is many times its full-load current
  • will produce very low starting torque
  • Answers: will produce very low starting torque

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