LED Blinking for Transistor Circuit diagram - Simple Electronic Project





Diagram of Flashing LED Circuit Diagram


Components Needed for this Project:

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

  1. C1815 Transistor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  2. LED 5mm [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. 22uF (50V) Capacitor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  4. 1k Ohm Resistor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  5. 4.7k Ohm Resistor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  6. 1M Ohm Resistor [See Buy Click Amazon]

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Working Principle




Frequently asked questions

What is the use of LED blinking?

LED blinking circuits can be used for signaling purposes (they can be used as signals for help if you are in danger). LED blinking circuits can also be used as flashing beacons. An LED blinking circuit can be used as a vehicle indicator when it breaks down in the middle of the road.

What is an LED flasher circuit?

LED flashers are semiconductor-integrated circuits. To turn on and off groups of light-emitting diodes, either sequentially or according to a programmed pattern to IC. They are found in circuits used as indicators and controllers, as well as in home-built circuit projects.

What is a flashing circuit?

Flashing circuits are very interesting. They grab your attention and can be used in many applications for LED systems. They consume very little electric energy, and some circuits use a single cell that can last as long as 12 months. You can flash globes, LEDs, and pulse all types of devices, such as motors, solenoids, and piezo diaphragms.

What is a flashing or flickering light?

Light flickering is often caused by a poor connection between a light switch and a bulb light. To determine whether this is the issue you're dealing with, simply wiggle the light switching control circuit diagram. You can also try turning the switch on/off to see if the problem is fixed. If it is, you should consider replacing the switch.

Do all LED lights blink?

Choose a high-quality LED power supply with a 3.3V dc line, and it will also supply a constant current to your LEDs. So you'll get light with no visible flicker for the LED light set. A lower-quality, no-frills LED driver doesn't provide a constant current, though. Instead, it simply converts current from an AC to a DC power supply.

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