Logic NOR Gate Tutorial

This is a NOT-OR gate that is up to Associate in Nursing OR gate followed by a NOT gate. The outputs of all NOR gates square measure low if any of the inputs square measure high. The image is Associate in Nursing OR gate with any low circle on the output. the tiny circle represents inversion.

Fig-1: Logic NOR Gate symbol

Two-input NOR GATE 

NOR stands for NOT OR. AN gate followed by a NOT circuit makes it a NOR gate Fig-2. the reality table of a NOR gate is obtained from the reality table of AN gate by complementing the out-out entries. The output of a NOR gate could be a logic ‘1’ once all its inputs are logic ‘0’.For all different input combos, the output could be a logic ‘0’. The output of a two-input NOR gate is logically expressed as Gate.

Fig-2: Two-input NOR gate

Fig-3: 2 Input NOR gate IC configuration

Two-input Transistor AND Gate

A simple 2-input logic NOR gate may be created victimization RTL Resistor-transistor switches connected along as shown below with the inputs connected on to the junction transistor bases. each transistor should be cut-off “OFF” for associate output at Y.

Fig-4: 2 input Transistor NOR Gate

Logic NOR Gates are accessible victimization digital circuits to supply the specified logical operate and is given a logo whose form is that of a customary gate with a circle, generally referred to as Associate in Nursing “inversion bubble” at its output to represent the NOT gate image with the logic operation of the NOR gate given as.

Three Input NOR Gate

cut-off “OFF” for associate output at Y.

Fig-5: 3-input NOR gate

Fig-6: 3-Input NOR gate IC configuration

As with the OR operator, the NOR operate also can have any range of individual inputs and business obtainable nor Gate IC’s are obtainable in customary a pair of, 3, or four input sorts. If extra inputs are needed, then the quality NOR gates will be cascaded along to supply a lot of inputs for instance.

Commonly available digital logic NOR gate IC Number:

TTL Logic NOR Gate

74LS260 Quad 4-input IC Pin number 14

74LS27 Triple 3-input IC Pin number 14

74LS02 Dual 2-input IC Pin number 14

TTL Logic NOR Gate

CD4001 Quad 4-input IC Pin number 14

CD4025 Triple 3-input IC Pin number 14

CD4001 Dual 2-input IC Pin number 14

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