Mercury Vapour lamp diagram:

This diagram shows how to make a Mercury Vapour lamp diagram. In this circuit, we use a copper ballast, an HPMV Lamp, a capacitor, and an Ignitor. First, we need to connect phase and neutral wire to copper ballast and capacitor, then connect to the ignitor and HPMV Lamp. Now this circuit is ready for use. This circuit is very simple and very easy to make. If you want to know more about this circuit please check our youtube video below the post.

Diagram of Mercury Vapour lamp:

Mercury Vapour lamp diagram

Components needed For this Project:

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  2. Capacitor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. Ignitor [See Buy Click Amazon]
  4. HPMV Lamp [See Buy Click Amazon]

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Components used to make the Mercury Vapour lamp diagram:

01. Copper Ballast:

These Wholesale Copper Ballast are devices That Allow Lighting fixtures to operate safely. These light Ballasts Regulate voltage During startups Providing Just Enough to Start The Lamp And Then Regulating The Voltage Throughout The Operation. A Copper Ballast is a Device Placed in a Series With a Load to Limit the Amount of Current in a Copper Circuit. Without it, Lamps would Quickly Burn out. Ballast Was Also a Component Used in Early-Model Automobile Engines that Lowered the Supply Voltage to the Ignition System After The Engine Had Been Started.

02. Capacitor:

This 50 MFD Capacitor Electric motor Capacitor article Series Explains the Selection, Testing, installation, & use of Electric motor Starter Start and run Capacitors used on Various Electric Motors Found in or at Buildings such as air Conditioner Compressors, fan Motors, and some Good Pumps. An Electric motor’s run Capacitor (50 MFD Capacitor) Remains active after the Starting cap has Dropped from the circuit (as the motor has its proper speed), and 50 MFD Capacitor indeed the value of the run Capacitor can affect Motor Speed.

03. Ignitor:

An ignitor is a Starting Device That Generates Voltage Pulses To Start a Discharge Lamp. Lighting Lgnitors Provide a Brief, High-Voltage Pulse to Lgnite the Gas Lnside Lamps. Are Designed to Ensure the Reliable and Smooth Starting behavior of Lighting Systems. An e-Match or Igniter is an Electrical device Used to Trigger Pyro Compounds. Making Your Fireworks look more Professional Using These Igniters Allows You to be far Away When You Want to Light off Fireworks or Other Things.

04. HPMV Lamp:

High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamps are Economical Discharge lamps with moderate luminous efficacy and life. High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamps are used for Lighting of secondary roads, car parking areas, parks and gardens, factory sheds, etc. A gas Discharge Lamp that uses an Electric arc Through the vaporized Mercury to Produce light is known as Mercury Vapor lamp. The Operation of the Mercury vapor lamp is based on the Excitation of Atom of some Gaseous Medium.

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