Data Communication and Networking:

Computer Networks

01. A computer network is a system in which multiple computers are connected through communication media with each other to share information and resources.

02. A system of interconnected computers and computerized peripherals such as printers is also called computer network.

03.Computers might connect with one another by either wired or wireless media.

Computer Networking:

Computer Networks Components:

  1.  Workstations: which area unit personal computers/microcomputers (desktops, laptops, netbooks, handhelds, etc.) wherever users reside.
  2. Servers: which are the computers that store network software package and shared or personal user files.
  3. Switches.
  4. Routers, Etc.

Data Communications

 Data communications seek advice from the transmission of this digital knowledge between 2 or a lot of computers.

Computer networks are classified based on various factors:

01. Geographical Span: It may be spanned across our table, among Bluetooth enabled devices, ranging not more than few meters. 

Geographical Span: It may be spanned across a floor. It may be spanned across a building, including intermediate devices to connect all floors 

Personal Area Network :

  • A Personal space Network (PAN) is the smallest network that is extremely personal to a user.

  • This may include Bluetooth enabled devices
  • PAN could embody wireless input device and mouse, Bluetooth enabled headphones, wireless printers and television remotes.

Local Area Network

  • A network spanned within a building and operated underneath single body system is usually termed as native space Network (LAN). 

  • Usually, LAN covers Associate in Nursing organization’ offices, schools, faculties or universities.

  • LAN provides a helpful manner of sharing the resources between finish users.

  • The resources like printers, file servers, scanners and net ar simply sharable among computers.

  • It largely operates on non-public scientific discipline addresses & doesn’t involve significant routing.

  • LAN uses Ethernet technology.

  • LAN can be wired, wireless, or in both forms at once.

02.Inter Connectivity: 

  • Components of a network can be connected to each subsidiary differently in some fashion.
  • By connectedness, we set sights on either systematically, physically, or both ways.
  • A Network Topology is the treaty once which computer systems or network devices are connected to each tallying.
  • Topologies may enlarge both visceral and investigative aspect of the network.

Fig: Mesh Topology

Fig: Star Topology

Fig: Bus Topology

Fig: Point-to-Point

Fig: Hybrid Topology

Fig: Star Topology