Arduino material continuously, but this time I tried to move the servo motor with Arduino Nano. The servo motor is Tower Pro SG90 purchased at Amazon a while ago. There is no pin distribution material until it is purchased. There was not much information on the net and I was a little impatient. I was finally able to find it through the exchange on the overseas bulletin board. Brown = GND, orange = + 5V, yellow = signal (connected to D pin). I connected Arduino Nano and the servo motor. The signal is connected to the D2 pin. Arduino has a library for operating servo motors. Servo Library I drew a sketch with reference to this reference. This program repeats the operation from 0 degrees to 180 degrees and from 180 degrees to 0 degrees. I think that it is a still image, so I tried to take a video.

Circuit Diagram

With Arduino, you can easily move the servo motor. I would like to see a robot that observes the surroundings by attaching an ultrasonic distance sensor to this servo motor.