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multiple choice question of switchgear and protection unit 1 basics of protection anti MCQs. Switchgear and Protection MCQs Questions Answers: We are going to cover the question answers on the same topic.


    Question 1: Circuit breakers are essentially?

  • arc extinguishers
  • transformers to isolate the two systems
  • current carrying contacts called electrodes
  • circuits to break the system
  • Answers: current carrying contacts called electrodes

    Question 2: Burden of a protective relay is the power ?

  • absorbed by the circuit of relay
  • developed by the relay circuit
  • required to operate the circuit breaker
  • none of the above
  • Answers: absorbed by the circuit of relay

    Question 3: A fuse is never inserted in ?

  • negative of DC circuit
  • positive of DC circuit
  • phase line
  • neutral wire
  • Answers: neutral wire

    Question 4: To limit short-circuit current in a power system ..... are used?

  • H.R.C. fuses
  • reactors
  • earth wires
  • isolators
  • Answers: reactors

    Question 5: Which of the following circuit breakers has the lowest voltage range?

  • SF6 circuit breaker
  • Air-blast circuit breaker
  • Air-break circuit breaker
  • lank type oil circuit breaker
  • Answers: Air-break circuit breaker

    Question 6: Which of the following relays is used for protection of motors against overload?

  • Buchholz relay
  • Electromagnetic attraction type
  • Impedance relay
  • Thermal relay
  • Answers: Thermal relay

    Question 7: Breaking capacity of a circuit breaker is usually expressed in terms of?

  • amperes
  • MV A
  • volts
  • MW
  • Answers: MV A

    Question 8: A short-circuit is identified by?

  • no current flow
  • voltage drop
  • Heavy current flow
  • voltage rise
  • Answers: Heavy current flow

    Question 9: The information to the circuit breaker under fault conditions is provided by ?

  • relay
  • all of the above
  • rewirable fuse
  • H.R.C. only
  • Answers: relay

    Question 10: A fuse wire possesses ?

  • direct time characteristics
  • either of the above
  • none of the above
  • inverse time characteristics
  • Answers: inverse time characteristics

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