LCSC: Your online components

LCSC is one of the online sellers of electronic components, which develops most rapidly in China. With 700 000 customers, LCSC treats more than 5,000 online orders per day. LCSC offers a wide selection of electronic parts brand, quality, and the best price.

EasyEDA which is specialized in the creation/production of printed-circuit line joined LCSC in as a partner.

The offered range

LCSC offers a wide range of Material:

  • Capacitors | Resistors
  • Diodes | Quartz | Sensors
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Integrated circuit power management
  • Batteries | Fuses
  • Connectors | Cables, wires
  • Inductors, ferrite beads, transformers | Transistors
  • Processors, Microcontrollers
  • Optocouplers, LEDs, Infrared
  • Amplifiers | Filters | HF, Radio
  • Push-button switches, relay
  • Buzzers, speakers, Microphones
  • Memories
  • Engines | Tools, Accessories

Order components

Here, for example, diodes, quartz, and sensors. Then choose the correct category.

Then you have the list of components and filters to sort and choose. (you can click on the images to enlarge them). You will see the stock available. Click on Add to cart for add to cart.

You can check what you have in the basket, with the weight of the material. Prices are in euro. 

Go to the shipping selection. Note in the summary a “Handling Fee” of$ 3 that applies when the order is under$5.71.

In general, there is no minimum order, but for products such as resistors and capacitors, they are not sold to the unit for handling problems. There are then lots of 10 or 50 components are inseparable.

If the prices of the components are displayed in euros, shipping and taxes are in dollars. LCSC distributes in more than 200 countries and it is easier to manage these costs in us dollars at the start of China.

It remains to be paid, with an account that is pre-powered, a credit card or Paypal.

You can then follow the preparation and the shipment of the order.

Here I have not made the payment because it was an order test. I still have 3 days to pay and validate.