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What are the different types of motors used in various industries? · 2. Explain the working principle of an Induction Motor. load speed of which of the following motors will be highest? (a) Shunt motor (b) Series motor.


    Question 1: In a DC shunt motor, speed is?

  • directly proportional to the armature current
  • proportional to the square of the current
  • independent of armature current
  • inversely proportional to the armature current
  • Answers: independent of armature current

    Question 2: In hazardous area of gassy mines, material transportation is done by vehicles powered by?

  • Batteries
  • AC mains
  • DC mains
  • IC Engines
  • Answers: Batteries

    Question 3: The hysteresis loss in a DC machine least depends on?

  • Frequency of magnetic reversals
  • Maximum value of flux density
  • Volume and grade of iron
  • Rate of flow of ventilating air
  • Answers: Rate of flow of ventilating air

    Question 4: A brake test on DC motors is usually restricted to?

  • variable speed motors
  • small horse power motors
  • high speed motors
  • open frame type motors
  • Answers: small horse power motors

    Question 5: If the supply voltage for a DC motor is increased, which of the following will decrease?

  • Starting torque
  • Operating speed
  • Full-load current
  • All of the above
  • Answers: Full-load current

    Question 6: The generated EMF and the current are in the opposite direction in case of?

  • DC Generators
  • none of the above
  • both (a) and (d)
  • DC Motors
  • Answers: DC Motors

    Question 7: While starting a differential compound motor, it is best to short the series field in order to avoid ?

  • excessive starting period
  • motor starting in wrong direction
  • large in rush of current
  • tripping of the circuit breaker
  • Answers: motor starting in wrong direction

    Question 8: Which DC motor has got maximum self relieving property?

  • Shunt motor
  • Differentially compounded motor
  • Series motor
  • Cumulatively compounded motor
  • Answers: Series motor

    Question 9: If a DC shunt motor is working at full load and if shunt field circuit suddenly opens?

  • this will make armature to take heavy current, possibly burning it
  • motor will come to stop
  • this will result in excessive speed, possibly destroying armature due to excessive centrifugal stresses
  • nothing will happen to motor
  • Answers: this will make armature to take heavy current, possibly burning it

    Question 10: By looking at which part of the motor, it can be easily confirmed that a particular motor is DC motor ?

  • Frame
  • Shaft
  • Stator
  • Commutator
  • Answers: Commutator

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