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DC Motor Questions · 1. What will happen if the DC shunt motor is linked across the AC supply? 2. If the back EMF of a DC motor is wiped out suddenly.


    Question 1: If the terminals of armature of DC motor are interchanged, this action will offer following kind of braking?

  • regenerative
  • dynamic braking
  • plugging
  • none of the above
  • Answers: plugging

    Question 2: For which types of DC motor, dynamic braking is generally used?

  • All of the above
  • Shunt motors
  • Series motors
  • Compound motors
  • Answers: All of the above

    Question 3: The speed of a DC shunt motor is required to be more. than full load speed. This is possible by?

  • increasing the armature current
  • decreasing the armature current
  • increasing the excitation current
  • reducing the field current
  • Answers: reducing the field current

    Question 4: In a DC motor, the ratio E¡/V4 indicates?

  • running torque of the motor
  • efficiency of the motor
  • speed regulation of the motor
  • starting torque of the motor
  • Answers: efficiency of the motor

    Question 5: Which of the following is not necessarily the advantage of DC motors over AC motors ?

  • Better speed control
  • Wide speed range
  • Low cost
  • High starting torque
  • Answers: Low cost

    Question 6: The function of a field regulator for compound motors is to ?

  • none of the above
  • demagnetise the field partially
  • limit the armature current
  • control the flux
  • Answers: control the flux

    Question 7: Regenerative braking on DC shunt motors is used when?

  • the load is variable
  • the load has overhauling characteristics
  • the load also acts as a braking force
  • the load is constantly decreasing
  • Answers: the load has overhauling characteristics

    Question 8: Which of the following tests can be used to determine no-load losses in a D.C. shunt motor ?

  • Running down test
  • Brake test
  • Swinburne's test
  • Field test
  • Answers: Swinburne's test

    Question 9: DC generators are installed near the load centres to reduce?

  • line losses
  • iron losses
  • sparking
  • corona losses
  • Answers: line losses

    Question 10: In Ward Leonard method of speed control of a DC motor, change in speed of motor is obtained by the?

  • change in armature current of the D.C. motor
  • change in the field excitation of the DC motor
  • change in supply voltage
  • change in armature voltage of DC motor
  • Answers: change in armature voltage of DC motor

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