Electric Iron wiring diagram:

This diagram shows how to make an electric heating iron wiring diagram. In this circuit, we use a 3-pin top plug, an indicator light, a thermostat, and an electric iron. Here first we need to connect the 3-pin plug neutral wire and phase wire, then input connection to the thermostat from the plug and connect neutral and phase connection to the indicator light, then connect neutral and phase connection to the iron heating element. Now this circuit is ready for use. If you want to know more about this circuit diagram please check our youtube video at the below link.

Diagram of Electric Iron wiring diagram:

Electric Iron wiring diagram

Components needed For this Project:

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

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  2. Indicator [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. Thermostat [See Buy Click Amazon]
  4. 3 Pin Top Plug [See Buy Click Amazon]

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Components used to make the Electric Iron wiring:

01. Electric Iron:

An electric iron is a Household Appliance used to Remove Creases or Wrinkles in Clothes by a combination of heat and Pressure. After Turning It On, A flat Triangular Soleplate is Pressed on The Clothes to Make Them Smooth And Flat. An electric iron is an Application of the Heating Effect of Current. A Clothes Iron (also flatiron, or simply iron) is a Small Appliance That When Heated, is Used to Press Clothes To Remove Wrinkles And Unwanted Creases.

02. Indicator:

An indicator lamp just Sounds Technical, Sometimes it’s called a “Supervisory” light Indicator. Indicator lights are amber in color and can be located at the Front, the Rear, and Sometimes at the Side of the car on both the left And Right-hand sides. The Common colors used by Indicator lamps are red, yellow, blue, white, and green. A Panel Indicator Lamp Generally has up to 5 Differently Colored Segments to Indicate Various Conditions on the Machine or Process

03. Thermostat:

Meaning of Thermostat The word thermo means heat and with the help of heat the electrical circuit is switched on and off is called a thermostat. The thermostat switch is the control device of the fridge/refrigerator. which directly or indirectly controls one or more heat sources and cooling systems to maintain the refrigerator’s required temperature. The role of the thermostat is important to automate the cooling system of the fridge/refrigerator. A thermostat switch is a sensitive device that automatically converts the temperature of the refrigerator.

04. 3-Pin Top Plug:

The Three-pin plug tops are used on appliances, extension leads, Light fittings, etc. The Packaging Comes with Wiring Instructions For the Electrician. A transparent cover makes it visually easy to Keep an Eye on the Wiring Connections. Three-Pin Plugs are Designed so That Mains Electricity can be Supplied to Electrical Appliances Safely. A 3-Pin Plug Consists of 3-pins. Each Pin Must be Correctly Connected to the Three Wires in the Electrical Cable. Each Wire Has its Own Specified Color so that it can be easily identified.

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