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1 volt is equal to 1 joule of electric potential energy per(divided by) 1 coulomb of charge. Was this answer helpful?


Joules To Volts Calculator

Note, For higher values like 5×103, 10×10-6, 1.6 x1012, enter the value like this for scientific notation as 5e3, 10e-6, 1.6e12, etc.

Conversion Using the Power Formula :

Joules to Volts Calculation:

The voltage V in volts (V) is equal to the energy (E) in joules (J), divided by the charge Q in coulombs (C):

joules to volts calculation

For example, let’s Convert 15 joules of energy with a charge of 6 coulombs to volts.

V(V) = E(J) ÷ Q(C)
V(V) = 15 ÷ 5
V(V) = 3 V


    • V = Voltage in volts
    • E = Energy in Joules (j)
    • Q = Electric Charge (C)
joules to volts calculator and conversion
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How to use This Calculator?

To use the above “Joules to Volts Conversion Calculator” follow the below steps:

01. Enter Energy: Input the Energy in Joules value in the specified input box. You can enter the value in Joules by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown

02. Enter Coulombs Charge: Input the Coulombs Charge value in the specified input box. You can enter the value in C by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown.

how to use calculator joules to volts

03. Reset: If you want to “reset” the calculator to perform another conversion, you can click the “Reset” button, and all input fields will be cleared.

04. Calculate: Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the results. The calculated results will be displayed in the “Results:” section.

05. Swap: If you want to “Swap” the calculated to Exchange conversion, you can click the “Swap” button, and Calculate will be Exchange.

06. Result: The calculated “result” will be displayed in the respective “Result In Volts (V)” output field.

Frequently asked questions

What is 1 volt equal to?

1 Volt is defined as energy consumption of 1 joule per electric charge of 1 coulomb. 1V = 1J/C.

What is 1 ampere watt?

The wattage in 1 amp depends on the voltage of the system. Using the formula for DC conversion: Watts = Amps x Volts, at 120 volts.

How to calculate voltage?

When spelled out, it means voltage (v) = current (A) x resistance (ohm), or volts = amps x ohms, or V = A x Ω.

How to find wattage?

How to Convert Watts, Amps, & Volts Watts = Amps x Volts
Examples: 20 Amps x 220 Volts = 4400 Watts. 10 Amps x 240 Volts = 2400 Watts.

What is joules per volt?

Joule is the unit of work done in the case of electric current, and coulomb is the unit of charge. Hence, joule/coulomb will be the unit of potential difference as it is the work done in moving unit charge from one point to another. So, 1 joule per coulomb = 1 volt = 1 V.

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