Portable Substation

Allowing for fast system recovery, we offer moveable station solutions, as well as skid and trailer, mounted styles. The moveable station will give an answer throughout major outages because of faulted switchgear.

What is Mobile Substation?

Sometimes it’s needed to produce power to a selected place in absolutely temporary basis. like at civil contraction or different construction places wherever large consumption of electricity is needed however once completion of the development work the requirement of power won’t be as high as throughout construction.

In these cases constructing one permanent outside or indoor station for fulfillment of power offer isn’t economical. conjointly a mobile station is needed wherever there’s lack of house for constructing out door station throughout any huge construction work once consumption of giant power by construction machines is needed. Mobile substations also are wont to fast restore of electrical service throughout Associate in Nursing outage caused by a storm or different disaster. this may conjointly give temporary electric company throughout construction of permanent facilities. It can also be used as alternate electric company throughout regular maintenance of existing instrumentation.

Mobile substation is useful for

  1. New Service.
  2. Temporary Service.
  3. Emergency Service.

Atlas electrical styles and makers substations for every client’s specific application. they’re designed to be quickly and simply touched from one location to a different with the negligible period. Our substations may be designed to include any size transformers with any combination of voltages. we’ve got worked with our customers worldwide from the high altitudes of Bolivia to the deserts of the Sahara Desert and jungles of South American country to supply substations bespoke for dependable operation in an extreme setting.

7500 KVA Skid Mounted Portable Substation with the following major components: GE Tranquill Station Class Arrestors, Pascor69 KV Circuit Switcher, S&C 69 KV Fused Cutouts, Pacific Crest 7500 KVA Substation Type Transformer 69,000-25,000/14434 Volt Three Phase, Cooper Nova 27 KV Recloser, 3 each Cooper Single Phase Step-Voltage Regulators.

Features and Options

  • Neutral Grounding Resistors
  • Cable Couplers.
  • Insulated Climate Controlled Switch House.
  • Skid or Trailer mount.
  • Any voltage or frequency.
  • Surge Arresters.
  • Primary and Secondary Switchgear.
  • Outdoor Walk-In and Non-Walk-In Enclosures.

For Weight Reduction we generally provide-

  1. Nomex transformer insulation system.
  2. Aluminum cabinets.
  3. Aluminum structures.
  4. Aluminum cooling system.
  5. Polymer arresters.
  6. Aluminum transformer tanks.
  7. Aluminum trailer parts.
  8. Polymer insulators etc.

Typical Features of Mobile Substation for Size Reduction

For reducing the size of the substation some typical features are provided in mobile-substation. We generally provide-

  1. Sidewall mounted transformer bushings
  2. Sliding capacitor racks etc.
  3. Rotating circuit breakers
  4. Rack out isolators and circuit breaker
  5. Telescopic structures
  6. Lay-down structures
  7. Rotating transformers
  8. Swing out arrester structures


  • Engineer Supervised Assembly and Wiring.
  • Factory Testing and Setting of All Devices.
  • Easily Moved to New Location, Sold or Rented.
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Delivered at or nearly Fully Assembled.
  • Reduced Installation Time.
  • Elimination of On-Site Foundations.