Series Testing board connection:

This diagram shows how to make Series Testing board wiring. In this circuit, we use a 2-way switch, a light, and a 3-pin power socket. First, we need to connect the neutral line to the light, then connect the phase to the 2-way switch common terminal, then input the phase to light from switch L1 terminal, and again input the phase to the power socket from switch L2 terminal. Then connect the phase line from the socket to another point of light. And lastly, connect the earthing connection to the 3-pin power socket earthing point. Now this circuit is ready for use. if you want to know more about this circuit please check our youtube video below the post.


Diagram of Series Testing board connection:

Series Testing board connection

Components needed For this Project:

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  2. CFL Light [See Buy Click Amazon]
  3. Gang Socket [See Buy Click Amazon]

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Components used to make the Series Testing board connection:

01. 2-Way Switch:

The 2-Way Switch has a wire connection system. It is a type of switch that has three wire connections. And it really has no off or on. Both sides can be turned on or off depending on how you connect one to the other. The connection of the two-way switch is different. If you use it as a changer, then put the load in the middle one and two separate lines in the upper and lower ones. The two-way switch is a type of multiway switch. Multiway switches have more points and can be controlled in multiple ways simultaneously.

02. CFL Light:

CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp which is an improved version of tube lights of earlier days. Like tube lights, it is a vacuum glass tube with fluorescent powder coating which is not as long and straight as tube lights but curved/twisted compact, or small in size. Like a tube light, it has electrodes or filaments at both ends. But in this case, instead of a choke, there is an electronic circuit that drives the Compact Fluorescent Lamp. Because the red wave is less in the light of the Tubelight and Compact Fluorescent Lamp, the object looks a little pale or the correct color of the object does not appear.

03. 3-Pin Socket:

A Power Socket is a Device to Which Electrical Devices Can Be Connected to Receive the Electric Current Required For Their Operation. Connected by a System of Cables to a Power Source, Usually, an Electricity Generation Facility operated by an energy Production company, generally has no moving parts. Instead, it contains metal strips that make contact with the prongs of an Electric plug inserted into the socket. It is Through these Contacts That the Electric current is Transmitted. Electrical Devices that connect to a Power Source Through a Power Socket are Considered to be Portable Because they can easily be Connected and Disconnected From the Power Source.

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Frequently asked questions

How do circuit boards work?

A power supply standard PCB in its most basic form is a plastic board covered in fiberglass. Components are mounted on a non-conductive board connected with small pathways and called traces. These traces allow the power supply diagram electrical components across the board to function by passing electricity through.

How do you test a short wire?

First, ensure that the power to the circuit is turned off. Then, disconnect the wire from any power source. Next, set the multimeter to the Circuit diagram continuity test mode and touch the probes to each end of the wire. If the multimeter the power supply beeps or shows continuity, it indicates a short in the wire.

How is a circuit board connected?

Circuit diagram boards are made of many electrical components and have become complex and sophisticated, sometimes with as many as 30 or more layers. Layers of the circuit diagram board are linked together by traces, with some layers being specialized to, for example, provide a power supply and others enhancing the electronic and signals.

What is the symbol for continuity?

The symbol for the continuity may be different depending on your brand and model. Generally, the power supply continuity mode will have a diode symbol, which is a triangle with a line on the right side. It may also have a symbol that looks like sound and waves.

What is required for continuity?

For a function to be continuous at a point, as it must be defined at that point, its limit must exist at the point, and the value of the function at that point must equal the Project system value of the limit at that point. Discontinuities may be classified as removable, jump,as or infinite.

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