Most Asked MCQ On Switchgear & Protection For Electrical Engineering


Interview Question of circuit breaker and Switchgear Power System Protection MCQ Power System. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Protective Relays.


    Question 1: The fuse wire, in DC circuits, is inserted in?

  • Positive circuit only
  • negative circuit only
  • both (a) and (b)
  • either (a) and (b)
  • Answers: both (a) and (b)

    Question 2: A circuit breaker, under normal conditions, should be inspected?

  • once in 6 months or 12 months
  • every week
  • every day
  • every month
  • Answers: once in 6 months or 12 months

    Question 3: The total time for high speed breakers in nearly?

  • five cycles
  • one cycle
  • few cycles
  • Half cycle
  • Answers: Half cycle

    Question 4: ...... gives rise to symmetrical fault?

  • Single phase to ground
  • 3-phase short-circuit
  • Phase-to-phase
  • double phase to ground
  • Answers: 3-phase short-circuit

    Question 5: An arc in a circuit behaves like?

  • infinite resistance
  • a capacitive reactance
  • a resistance decreasing with voltage rise across the arc
  • an inductive reactance
  • Answers: a resistance decreasing with voltage rise across the arc

    Question 6: BuchholZ relay cannot be used on?

  • three phase transformers
  • 1000 kV transformers
  • 500 kV transformers
  • air cooled transformers
  • Answers: air cooled transformers

    Question 7: Current limiting reactors may be?

  • air cooled air cored
  • any of the above
  • oil immersed magnetically shielded
  • oil immersed non-magnetically shielded
  • Answers: any of the above

    Question 8: A balanced 3-phase system consists of?

  • zero sequence currents only
  • negative and zero sequence currents
  • positive sequence currents only
  • zero, negative and positive sequence currents
  • Answers: positive sequence currents only

    Question 9: H.R.C. fuses provide best protection in case of ?

  • short-circuits
  • overloads
  • none of the above
  • open circuits
  • Answers: short-circuits

    Question 10: Over fluxing protection is recommended for?

  • distribution transformer
  • station transformer of the power plant
  • auto-transformer of the power plant
  • generator transformer of the power plant
  • Answers: generator transformer of the power plant

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