MCQ on Single Phase Transformer - Electrical Engineering


Transformer MCQ Questions and Answers for the best preparation for the Transformer & Electrical Engineering Exams and interviews.


    Question 1: A transformer is working at its full load and its efficiency is also maximum. Its iron loss is 1 kW, its copper loss at half load will be?

  • 0.5 kW
  • 0.2 kW
  • 0.25 kW
  • 0.1 kW
  • Answers: 0.25 kW

    Question 2: A transformer having a turn ratio 1: 5 and a resistance of 1000 ? is connected across the secondary terminals, the resistance offered to a current flowing in the primary will be?

  • 40 ?
  • 60 ?
  • 20 ?
  • 10 ?
  • Answers: 40 ?

    Question 3: For minimum weight of a transformer, the weight of iron should be?

  • less than weight of copper
  • greater than weight of copper
  • zero
  • equal to the weight of copper
  • Answers: equal to the weight of copper

    Question 4: A no-load test is performed on a transformer to determine?

  • magnetising current
  • efficiency
  • copper loss
  • core loss
  • Answers: efficiency

    Question 5: Which winding of the transformer has less cross-sectional area?

  • Low voltage winding
  • Secondary winding
  • High voltage winding
  • Primary winding
  • Answers: High voltage winding

    Question 6: The secondary winding of a current transformer whose primary is carrying current should?

  • none of the above
  • either of the above
  • not be short-circuited
  • not be open-circuited
  • Answers: not be open-circuited

    Question 7: The size of a transformer core will depend on?

  • area of the core
  • (a) and (d) both
  • flux density of the core material
  • frequency
  • Answers: (a) and (d) both

    Question 8: In a transformer the resistance between its primary and secondary should be ?

  • zero
  • 1000 ?
  • infinity
  • 10?
  • Answers: infinity

    Question 9: In an ideal transformer, on no-load, the primary voltage is balanced by ?

  • the secondary induced EMF
  • the drop across resistances and reactance
  • the secondary voltage
  • the primary induced EMF
  • Answers: the secondary induced EMF

    Question 10: The short-circuit voltage of a transformer mainly depends on the?

  • cross-sectional area of the iron core
  • ohmic resistance of primary winding
  • ohmic resistance of secondary winding
  • magnitude of leakage flux
  • Answers: magnitude of leakage flux

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