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Enter apparent power (S) in volt-amps (VA) and power factor (Pf) and press the Calculate button to get the real power (P) in watts:


VA To Watts Calculator

Note, For higher values like 5×103, 10×10-6, 1.6 x1012, enter the value like this for scientific notation as 5e3, 10e-6, 1.6e12, etc.

Conversion Using the Power Formula :

AC Single Phase VA to Watts Calculation:

The Real power (P) in watts (W) is equal to the apparent power (S) in volt-amps (VA), times the power factor (Pf):

For example, A load connected to a transformer draws apparent power 3500 VA at a 0.80 power factor. Calculate the Real Power in Watts of the load.
P(W) = 3500 x 0.80
P(W) = 2800 VA


    • S = Apparent Power in VA
    • P = Real Power in Watts
    • Cosθ = Power factor in AC circuits
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How to use This Calculator?

To use the above “Volt-amps (VA) to Watts (W) Conversion Calculator” follow the below steps:

1. Enter Apparent Power: Input the apparent Power (VA) or motor voltage value in the specified input box. You can enter the value in VA by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown.

how to use calculator volt-amps to watts

2. Enter Power Factor: Input the power factor of the motor in the provided input box. The power factor is a unitless value typically between 0 and 1.

3. Reset: Click the “Reset” If you want to reset the calculator to perform another conversion, you can click the “Reset” button, and all input fields will be cleared.

4. Calculate: Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the results. The calculated results will be displayed in the “Results:” section.

5. Swap: If you want to “Swap” the calculated to Exchange conversion, you can click the “Swap” button, and Calculate will be Exchange.

6. Result: The calculated “result” will be displayed in the respective “Result In Watts (W)” output field.

VA to Watts Conversion table:

VA to Watts with Power Factor Table.
VA Rating Power Factor (Pf) Power (watts)
350 0.90 315
650 0.90 585
800 0.90 720
1000 0.90 900
1250 0.90 1125
1500 0.90 1350
1800 0.90 1620
2000 0.90 1800
2200 0.90 1980
2500 0.90 2250
2700 0.90 2430
3000 0.90 2700
3200 0.90 2880
3500 0.90 3150
3800 0.90 3420
4000 0.90 3600
4500 0.90 4050
5000 0.90 4500
5500 0.90 4950
6000 0.90 5400
Power Factor Value 0.9
Typical Power factor Values:
Device Typical PF
Resistive Load 1
Fluorescent Lamp 0.95
Incandescent Lamp 1
Induction Motor full load 0.85
Induction Motor no Load 0.35
Resistive Oven 1
Synchronous Motor 0.9
Power Factor Value conversion table

Frequently asked questions

What is 1 watts into volt-amps (VA)?

A watt changes depending on whether the electrical circuit is AC or DC. In a DC circuit, 111 VA is the equivalent of 100 W. This equivalence means that the power factor of that power supply is 0.90.

What is the formula for watts to VA?

Use the following formula to calculate VA from watts: Apparent Power(VA) = Real Power in Watts / Power factor in PF.

How many watts is 850 VA?

Here rating of the inverter is 850 VA, so it can handle 850 VA maximum. Considering the power factor of 0.80, the total wattage will be 850 X 0.9 = 765 Watts.

What is 1500 VA?

That 1500VA (or 1500Watt) means that the UPS can deliver 1500W maximum. It has no relation to the battery capacity nor how much current is used to charge the battery.

How do you convert VA to watts?

A volt-amps x power factor = watts. When you want to know how much the electricity is costing you, you use watts. When you are specifying equipment loads, fuses, and wiring sizes you use the VA, or the voltage times the amperage.

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