Auto-ranging ohmmeter using Arduino.

This article is a few straightforward motorcars go meter victimization, Arduino. The measured resistance is showed employing a 16×2 liquid crystal display. The circuit is sufficiently correct and uses the minimum variety of external elements attainable. Before going into the main points of this project, allow us to have a glance at the essential resistance activity methodology.

We find it tough to scan color codes on resistors to seek out its resistance. so as to beat the issue of finding the resistance price, we have a tendency to square measure aiming to build an easy Ohm Meter victimization Arduino. the essential principle behind this project may be a potential divider Network. the worth of the unknown resistance is showed on 16*2 liquid crystal display. This project conjointly is 16*2 {lcd|liquid crystal show LCD digital display alphanumeric display} display interfacing with Arduino.

Circuit Schematics

The circuit is actually straightforward. All you would like is Associate in Nursing Arduino, the electrical device you wish to live, and another electrical device with a well-known worth. We’ll come upon a resistance with the well-known and unknown resistors, and live the voltage between them with the Arduino. Then we’ll run a program which will calculate the resistance from Ohm’s Law.


These are the readings I got with a 200 Ohm “unknown” resistor:


Components needed for this Project

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