Control an Arduino with Bluetooth

This is half 2 of a series, which is able to target exploitation Bluetooth to speak with AN Arduino. Bluetooth is one in all the favored wireless communication technologies as a result of its low power consumption, low cost, and a light-weight stack however compensates on the vary.

Circuit Schematics

To use the HC05 module, merely connect the VCC to the 5V output on the Arduino, GND to Ground, RX to Lone-Star State pin of the Arduino, and contrariwise. [Editor’s note: The RX pin isn’t formally five V tolerant; it’s designed for three.3 V signals. The Arduino generates a five V signal, thus you ought to use a resistor or logic-level translator to make sure that the Arduino signal doesn’t injure the HC05.] If you’re victimization the BTBee module with the protect, set the jumpers on the board so the DOUT pin and D0 pins area unit shorted and DIN and D1 pins area unit shorted. this is often done as a result of the RX pin on the Arduino is Pin zero and also the Lone-Star State pin is Pin one. you absolve to use the other pins because the RX and Lone-Star State Pins, however, you’ll be got to use the SoftwareSerial Library of the Arduino to modify that. Do bear in mind to get rid of the jumpers whereas uploading code to the Arduino if you have got elect Pin zero and one as Serial pins.

Components needed for this Project

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Here is the Arduino Bluetooth

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