There are many sorts of IR Remote are out there for a special device, however, most of them are worked on around 38KHz Frequency signal. Here during this project, we have a tendency to management home appliances victimization IR TV remote. For detection IR remote signal, we have a tendency to use TSOP1738 IR Receiver. This TSOP1738 sensing element will sense 38Khz Frequency signal. The operating of IR remote and therefore the TSOP1738 may be lined well during this article: IR Transmitter and Receiver.

Components Parts needed

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

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  • TSOP 1738……………….. [ Purchase This  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]
  • Breadboard and Jump Wires ………[ Purchase This  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]

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Circuit Schematics

IR Remote Library and Uploading Code

Download IR remote library and Code attached.

Open Arduino IDE

1. Go to Sketch –> Include Library –> Add .Zip Library

2. Select the downloaded IR remote ZIp library and click Open.

You can watch the following video or read the written tutorial below.