What is RGB LED? 

The RGB junction rectifier will emit completely different colors by compounding the three basic colors red, inexperienced and blue. thus it really consists of three separate LEDs red, inexperienced and blue packed in an exceedingly single case. That’s why it’s four leads, one lead for every one of the three colors and one common cathode or anode relying upon the RGB junction rectifier sort. during this tutorial, I will be able to be employing a common cathode one.

Circuit Schematics

The cathode is going to be connected to the bottom and also the three nodes are going to be connected through 220 Ohms resistors to three digital pins on the Arduino Board that may offer PWM signal. we’ll use PWM for simulating analog output which can offer totally different voltage levels to the LEDs, therefore, we are able to get the specified colors.

We will use PWM for simulating analog output which will provide different voltage levels to the LEDs so we can get the desired colors.

Components needed for this Project

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Source Code

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