The Arduino IDE

the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is wherever you develop your programs which will tell your Arduino what to try and do. You can load new programs onto the most chip, the ATmega328p, via USB mistreatment the Arduino IDE. To transfer your Arduino IDE.please click on the following link: Select which Operating System you’re using and download it.

We won’t get into a lot of detail on a way to install this software system since the official Arduino internet site will an excellent job explaining a way to love altogether 3 operative Systems – Windows, Mackintosh, and Linux.


01. Arduino Uno : [ See Buy Click Banggood | Amazon ]

02. Arduino Cable

03. Laptop / Desktop

When you first open the Arduino IDE, you should see something similar to the figure below:

Fig : The Arduino IDE

Connecting your Arduino

After connecting your Arduino with a USB cable, you would like to create positive that Arduino IDE has elite the correct board you’re victimization.
In our case, we’re victimization, Arduino Uno, therefore you ought to head to Tools > Board: “Arduino/Genuino Uno” > Arduino/Genuino Uno.

Then, you should select the right serial port where your Arduino is connected to. Go to Tools > Port and select the right port.