Arduino Radar Project

The Arduino radio detection and ranging Project is additional of a visible project than it’s a circuit implementation. Of course, I will be able to be victimization completely different hardware like Arduino UNO, HC-SR04 supersonic detector and a Servo Motor, however, the most facet is that the visual illustration within the process Application.

This post is all concerning the unhearable sensing element HC – SR04. I’ll justify however it works, show you some options Associate in Nursingd share an Arduino Project example you’ll follow to integrate in your comes. we offer a schematic diagram on the way to wire the unhearable sensing element, Associate in Nursingd an example sketch to use with the Arduino.

All you would like for this Arduino Project is associate degree unhearable sensing element for police work the objects, a little amateur Servo Motor for rotating the sensing element associate degreed an Arduino Board for dominant them. you’ll watch the subsequent video or scan the written tutorial below.

Circuit Schematics

I connected the Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 to the pins number 2 and 3  on the Arduino Board.

Components needed for this Project

You can get the components from any of the sites below:

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Source Code

Watch to Youtube Video