7 Segment Display Interfacing

This is an easy zero to nine counter circuit made victimization Arduino! Here, a standard cathode 7-segment semiconductor diode show is connected to Arduino for displaying the digits.

The code (Arduino sketch) permits electric switch increment of the counter from zero to nine.

The whole circuit will be supercharged from a customary 9V PP3/6F22 battery, or from any appropriate Arduino power device.

The seven-phase show is, in fact, an awfully straightforward device. it’s a mixture of eight LEDs (the mathematical notation -DP- is that the 8th), which might be organized in order that completely different mixtures will be accustomed build numerical digits.

Circuit Schematics

The connections which are done for 7 segment display are given below:


PIN2 or D to PIN 5

PIN4 or C to PIN 4

PIN5 or H or DP to PIN 9 ///not needed as we are not using the decimal point

PIN6 or B to PIN 3

PIN7 or A to PIN 2

PIN9 or F to PIN 7

PIN10 or G to PIN 8

PIN3 or PIN8 or CC to ground through a 100Ω resistor.

Components needed for this Project

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Source Codes

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