Tune Replay Easy Arduino Project for Beginners

An Arduino Project that plays music. during this straightforward Arduino project for beginners, a push-button switch is connected to Arduino pin two and a speaker unit or piezo disc is connected to pin eight. once the Arduino is high-powered up or reset, a tune has contended. If the push-button switch is ironed, the tune is replayed.

The video below demonstrates the project employing a speaker and a piezo disc. The speaker is way louder than the piezo disc.

Project  Components with the Arduino board


Two versions of the circuit may be designed – the speaker circuit and also the piezo circuit. board layout logic gate diagrams square measure provided for each below.

Both versions of the circuit connect a push-button switch to digital pin a pair of-of the Arduino and also the sound device to pin eight of the Arduino. The Arduino sketch that follows is employed for either circuit.

It is not necessary to attach a pull-up resistance to the push-button switch as a result of the interior pull-up resistance is enabled by the Arduino sketch.

Circuit Schematics


Components Needed for this Project

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Source code

Watch to Youtube Video