Simple Touch Switch using transistors

This circuit activates semiconductor diode with the bit of your finger!. many a time we’d like sure actions to be through with barely rather than pressing a button. this easy circuit will those exploitation borderline elements. Step by step directions on a way to build the circuit ar within the video below. Also, this circuit is as well as a latch and relay to regulate electronic appliances with barely. therefore begin experimenting building totally different variants of this project.

Touch circuit diagram:


The purpose of this project is to trigger/switch AN diode with an easy bit. The skin’s resistance is concerning 1K. therefore if you are trying build a circuit with simply AN diode, power offer and bit conductors, the diode does not glow. this can be as a result of high skin’s resistance prevents enough current to flow through the circuit. that the solely possibility we’ve is to amplify the little current flowing through the skin to a magnitude enough for AN diode to glow. For that purpose, we’ve to use transistors. The circuit will work with only 1 electronic transistor, however the diode does not glow bright enough.
Tiny electrical phenomenon flows through the skin once the top bit conductors area unit touched. this small current is amplified in magnitude by the primary and second transistors and it finally passes through the diode. discuss with the circuit diagram for higher understanding.

Components Required:

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