How can I get 5 volts from a 9-volt Battery?

All voltage sources cannot ready to offer fastened output thanks to fluctuations within the circuit. For obtaining a constant and steady output, the voltage regulators square measure enforced. The integrated circuits that square measure used for the regulation of voltage square measure termed as transformer ICs. Here, we are able to discuss regarding IC 7805.

The transformer IC 7805 is truly a member of 78xx series of transformer ICs. it’s a set linear transformer. The xx gift in 78xx represents the worth of the fastened output voltage that the actual IC provides. For 7805 IC, it’s +5V DC regulated power offer. This regulator IC additionally adds a provision for a conductor. The input voltage to the current transformer may be up to 35V, and this IC will provide a constant 5V for any worth of input but or capable 35V that is that the threshold limit.

Linear regulator circuit

Regulated Power Supply Circuit

The series linear regulators are widely chosen the option out of the three for medium current applications used in almost all electronics projects.

This is the circuit used to convert 9V to 5V in such cases.

Fig: Regulator LM7805 Circuit Diagram

There are three ways you can do this

  1. Resistor voltage divider
  2. Regulator
  3. Switch mode power converter


The operated of this pin is to offer the input voltage. It ought to be within the vary of 7V to 24V. we tend to apply AN unregulated voltage to the current pin for regulation. For 7.2V input, the PIN achieves most potency.


We connect the ground to this pin. For output and input, this pin is equally neutral (0V).


This pin is used to take the regulated output. It will be

Heat Dissipation in IC 7805

in IC 7805 transformer, millions of energy are exhausted within the kind of heat. The distinction within the price of an input voltage and output voltage comes as heat. So, if the distinction between an input voltage and therefore the output voltage is high, there’ll be additional heat generation. while not a sink, this an excessive amount of heat can cause malfunction.

We call the vacant minimum tolerable distinction between the input and output voltage to stay the output voltage at the correct level as dropout voltage. it’s higher to stay the input voltage a pair of to 3V larger than the output voltage, or an appropriate sink ought to be placed to dissipate excess heat. we’ve got to calculate the warmth sink size properly. the subsequent formula can offer a concept of this calculation.

Applications of Voltage Regulator 7805 IC

  • Fixed output regulator
  • Current regulator
  • Building circuits for Phone charger, UPS power supply circuits, portable CD player etc
  • Regulated dual supply
  • Adjustable output regulator etc.

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