MCQ on Switchgear Protection for Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering questions on Switchgear and protection MCQ online tests are very helpful for GATE-preparing students.


    Question 1: Directional relays are based on flow of?

  • voltage wave
  • all of the above
  • power
  • current
  • Answers: power

    Question 2: Resistance grounding is used for voltage between?

  • 3.3 KV and 11kV
  • 11 kV to 33 kV
  • 33 kV to 66 kV
  • none of the above
  • Answers: 3.3 KV and 11kV

    Question 3: Discrimination between main and back up protection is provided by the use of relays which are?

  • fact
  • sensitive
  • none of the above
  • slow
  • Answers: slow

    Question 4: The line insulation is ...... the insulation level of the station equipment?

  • less than
  • not directly related with
  • proportional to
  • same as
  • Answers: not directly related with

    Question 5: Induction cup relay is operated due to changes in?

  • impedance
  • voltage
  • all of the above
  • current
  • Answers: all of the above

    Question 6: Short-circuit currents are due to?

  • two phase to ground faults
  • three phase faults
  • single phase to ground faults
  • any of these
  • Answers: any of these

    Question 7: The torque produced in induction type relay (shaded pole structure) is ?

  • inversely proportional to the current
  • inversely proportional to the square of the current
  • proportional to square of the current
  • proportional to the current
  • Answers: inversely proportional to the square of the current

    Question 8: H.R.C. fuse, as compared to a rewirable fuse, has?

  • high speed of operation
  • high rupturing capacity
  • all of the above
  • no ageing effect
  • Answers: all of the above

    Question 9: Thermal circuit breaker has?

  • delayed trip action
  • instantaneous trip action
  • both of the above
  • none of the above
  • Answers: delayed trip action

    Question 10: The arcing contacts in a circuit breaker, are made of ?

  • porcelain
  • aluminium alloy
  • electrolytic copper
  • copper tungsten alloy
  • Answers: copper tungsten alloy

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