Introduction to Star motor starter

In the Star association, the similar ends (either begin or finish) of the 3 windings are connected to a typical purpose known as a star or neutral purpose. The 3 line conductors run from the remaining 3 free terminals known as line conductors. The wires are carried to the external circuit, giving 3 sections, 3 wire star connected systems. However, typically a fourth wire is carried from the star purpose to the external circuit, known as neutral wire, forming 3 sections, four wire star connected systems.

Working Principle of Star Starter

This is the reduced voltage beginning methodology. Voltage reduction throughout star-delta beginning is achieved by physically reconfiguring the motor windings as illustrated within the figure below. throughout the beginning, the motor windings are connected during a star configuration and this reduces the voltage across every winding three. This additionally reduces the force by an element of 3.

Considering the on top of the figure, the end terminals a2, b2, and c2 of the 3 windings square measure connected to make a star or neutral purpose. The 3 conductors named as R, Y and B run from the remaining 3 free terminals as shown within the on top of the figure.

The current flowing through each phase is called Phase current Iph, and the current flowing through each line conductor is called Line Current IL. Similarly, the voltage across each phase is called Phase Voltage Eph, and the voltage across two line conductors is known as the Line Voltage EL.

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