Wire Voltmeters For 3 Phase Voltage Measuring

In our last category, you learned the tactic of wiring three-part voltage meter however that was just for simply mensuration the voltage between two-part or two line voltage. during this article, you may learn the complete technique of three-part voltage mensuration and it’s voltmeters wring. during this post, I will be able to show you that the way to wire two voltmeters for 3 part voltage mensuration.

How To Wire Voltmeters For Three Phase


In this schematic drawing we tend to use the 2 three section voltmeters that square measure wired between each other, I imply that we tend to wire one meter as we tend to wire in our last post however we tend to get a Line wire for 2d voltage meter so we tend to connect the third line or section wire to the 2d voltage meter to complete the electrical circuit.
I know while not a diagram, it’s too troublesome to form perceive a body that is why I designed a diagram concerning this.

As I shown within the on top of the diagram, I wired 2-volt meters for a three-phase power provide. I actually have shown 3 section route wires with red, yellow, blue collars and black as neutral. As I show, ” connect the L1 to the primary voltage meter so connect the L2 to the primary and 2d voltage meter as I shown within the on top of the diagram. In last connect the L3 to the 2d terminal of second-volt meter as I show.

Although single-phase electricity is used to supply common domestic and office electrical appliances, three-phase alternating current (ac) systems are almost universally used to distribute electrical power and to supply electricity directly to higher power equipment.

This technical article describes the basic principles of three-phase systems and the difference between the different measurement connections that are possible.

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