Diamond lattice structure


Diamond lattice structure

The diamond lattice (formed by the carbon atoms during a diamond crystal) consists of 2 interpenetrating face-centred cubic Bravais lattices, displaced on the body diagonal of the cubic cell by one quarter the length of the diagonal. It is often thought to be a face-centred cubic lattice with the two-point basis.

where a is the lattice constant. The permitted cubic cell of the diamond lattice is shown in pic-1

Pic -1: Conventional cubic cell of the diamond lattice 

For clarity, the blue and inexperienced sites correspond to at least one of the 2 interpenetrating independent agency lattices, and therefore the dark-blue sites correspond to a different of the 2 interpenetrating independent agency lattices. Nearest neighbor bonds are drawn. The four nearest neighbors of every purpose type the vertices of a daily polyhedron.

The diamond lattice is not a Bravais lattice, because the setting of each want differs in orientation from the feel of its nearest neighbours. The 4×4 cell of the diamond lattice is shown in Pic-2.

Pic -2: 4×4 cell of the diamond lattice


GaAs structure

Gallium compound (GaAs) could be a compound of the weather metal and arsenic. it’s an III-V direct bandgap semiconductor with a blende crystal structure.GaAs has equal numbers of atomic number 31 and arsenic ions distributed on a diamond lattice so everyone has four of the alternative kind as nearest neighbours. In the Pic-3, for instance, the blue sites correspond to atomic number 31 ions and also the inexperienced sites correspond to arsenic ions.

As shown Gallium Compound (GaAs) :

Pic -3: Gallium Compound (GaAs)

  Gallium compound (GaAs) This structure is an associate example of a lattice with a basis, that should be therefore represented each owing to the geometrical position of the ions and since 2 kinds of ions occur. The 4×4 cell of the GaAs lattice is shown in Pic: 4

Pic -4: 4×4 cell of the GaAs lattice

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