Power socket wiring diagram:

This diagram shows how to make a Power socket wiring diagram. In this circuit, we use two FP MCBs ( Four Pole Minature Circuit Breaker ), a differential switch, and a power socket, a total of 12 DP MCBs ( Double Pole Minature Circuit Breaker ). First, we need to connect the FP MCB 1 with the power source, then connect the differential switch with the MCB 1 then connect the FP MCB 2 and power socket. Then connect all DP MCB with FP MCB 1. Now this circuit is ready for use.


Diagram of Power socket wiring:

Power socket wiring diagram

Components needed For this Project:

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Components used to make the Power socket wiring:

01. DP MCB:

DP MCB In 2 Pole MCB, switching & protection is affected in phases and the neutral. A Double Pole or DP Switch is a Switch that Controls 2 Circuits at the same time. In terms of Residential Switching, this Normally means it Switches the live and Neutral at the same time. In Layperson Terms, Double Pole switches or DP Switches are Exclusively Designed to Control 2 Different Electrical Circuits at the same time, which allows the Appliances to Isolate safely and reliably. Fan or light Combinations and Medical Equipment are some of the many applications for DP Electrical Switches and Electrical components.

02. FP MCB:

4 pole MCB for 4-Wires Connections, the one additional 4th pole for Neutral Wire Connection so that between Neutral and any of the other three will supply. In 4-Pole MCB the Neutral Pole is also having Protective release as in the Phase Poles connection. 3 Phase Supply with Neutral. TPN means triple pole TP + Neutral which is 3 - phases and Neutral. but the Protection is given for 3 Phases only and in 4 poles MCB Protection is given to all 3-Phases as well as Neutral. In the case of a 4-pole MCB. A Purpose is not to protect the Neutral but it is rather to Isolate the Neutral.

03. Differential Switch:

The Residual Current Circuit breaker RCCB is the Safest device to detect and Trip against Electrical Leakage current. This ensures protection against Electric shock Caused by indirect contact. Circuit breakers (CB) are automatically Operated Electrical Switches that Protect Electrical Circuits from Short-Circuiting or Overloading systems. It Protects against many major accidents. RCCB Circuit Breaker is an Electrical Wiring device whose function is to disconnect the current in the circuit.

04. Power Socket:

A Power Socket is a Device to Which Electrical Devices Can Be Connected to Receive the Electric Current Required For Their Operation. Connected by a System of Cables to a Power Source, Usually, an Electricity Generation Facility operated by an energy Production company, generally has no moving parts. Instead, it contains metal strips that make contact with the prongs of an Electric plug inserted into the socket. It is Through these Contacts That the Electric current is Transmitted. Electrical Devices that connect to a Power Source Through a Power Socket are Considered to be Portable Because they can easily be Connected and Disconnected From the Power Source.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is a live and neutral wire socket?

The live wire is on the left-hand side while the neutral wire is on the right-hand side. It is fairly simple to connect the wires to the plug socket this is because all plugs today come with connectors. Wiring a plug socket is extremely simple and can be easily done by beginners.

How many wires are in a socket?

The 3 red (live/phase) go to the L terminal, the 3 black (neutral) to the N terminal, and the 3 piles of earth to either one earth terminal or two in one, one in the other. There could also be a 4th earth wire between the socket and the metal backbox (if it is metal) if not add one.

What are the 3 types of wiring?

The 3 types of wires used in household circuits diagram are Earth wire, Live wire, and Neutral wire. Out of these Earth wire was used as a safety measure, especially for those appliances that have a metallic body. The color of insulation used for this wire was Green.

Which is neutral on a wall socket?

The wide prong on the plug links the threaded base of the light bulbs to the neutral terminal (the wider slot) in the receptacle. The hot side of the outlet (the side that can deliver a shock) was wired to the threaded socket if the wires were reversed.

What is 3 phase color code?

In 3-phase power supply systems, different color codes are used to distinguish between the phases. Common color codes of include black for Phase A, red for Phase B, and blue for Phase C. These color of codes facilitate proper installation and connection of 3-phase equipment and machinery.

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