Single phase wiring diagram for home

It is vital for dominant the E wiring. For this post I designed a diagram concerning distribution wiring, we will know as this breaker or dominant fuse box. within the diagram is shown the tactic of wiring distribution mainboard type utility pole to Energy meter and so stateless person breaker and SP MCB breaker.

However we tend to study all step by step distribution board wiring below, as we tend to talk concerning the distribution main board diagram, initial see this.

The concept of single phase electrical meter or single phase energy meter. after watching this video you can make the connection of electricity meter at home. from the electric pole to wire comes first one is phase and second one is neutral.

Components needed for this Diagram

Energy meter

  1. Single Phase Energy meter………[ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]

Circuit breaker

  1. 63 Amp DP MCB………. 1 PSC……. [ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]
  2. 40 Amp DP ELCB………. 1 PSC ……[ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]
  3. 20 Amp SP MCB………. 5 PSC……..[ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]

Using Cable

  1. 4 sq/mm Red Wire ( Line )……………….[ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]
  2. 4 sq/mm Black Wire ( Neutral )……….[ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]
  3. 2.5 sq mm Green Wire (Ground )….. [ Purchase This Components  Amazon  |  Aliexpress  ]

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Electrical Cables

For different load, we use different types of electrical cables, and in every electrical project, we use the cables size regarding the load. For example for Air conditioner we use the 4 mm cable which is very good for this, however, if we use 2.5 mm then it’s will not good for all time.
In the above diagram, I sowed electrical cable with it’s the size in mm in which are 6mm or 8mm, 4mm, 2.5mm, and 1.5mm electrical cables.

Earth Connection

Ampere Meter and CT Coil

Ampere meter is incredibly necessary within the distribution board as a result of this device has shown the overall current (Ampere) obtaining the whole circuit or the load of the whole circuit. I even have shown within the higher than diagram that a way to wire associate degree meter with CT current electrical device, but for higher understanding visit the below link.

How to wire meter with Current electrical device CT coil?

Voltmeter / Voltage Meter
I even have shown the wiring of the meter within the main D board. within the main D circuit, breaker board meter could be an important association as a result of this makes the U.S.A. understand the receiving voltage to the circuit. additionally browse below.

How to wire meter for single part supply?

Indicator Bulb
These indicators create the most board stunning and simple to grasp regarding receiving electrical provide if the most board provide start the indicator shows the provision by glowing bulb.

The earth connection is very important in electrical wiring/ electrical technology. In the above diagram is shown earth symbol and I shown how to do the wiring of earth or earthing.

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