Single Phase Induction Motor

In general, oft we have a tendency to use motors in several electrical and electronic appliances like fan, cooler, mixer, grinder, escalator, raise cranes, and so on. Their square measure different types of motors like DC motors and AC motors supported their offer voltage. moreover, these motors square measure classified into numerous sorts supported totally different criteria. allow us to contemplate that AC motors square measure more classified as Induction motors, Synchronous motors and then on. Among of these kinds of motors, some kinds of motors needed to be operated with sure conditions. for instance, we have a tendency to use AN electronic beginner for a single-phase motor to facilitate a swish start.

Single Phase Motor

The electric motors that utilize the single-phase -power offer for his or her operation are referred to as-as Single section Motors. These are classified into differing types, however, the often used single section motors are often thought of as Single section Induction Motors and Single section Synchronous Motors.

Starters for Single Phase Motor

Starters for Single Phase Motor

The starter is a device which is used for switching and protecting the electric motor from the dangerous overloads by tripping. It reduces the starting current to the AC induction motors and also reduces the motor torque.

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