This time, I would wish to share some necessary information that I used it once sweet-faced emergency or important scenario. What are you doing if have solely 3 part motor and single part power offer available?

How to use 3 part motor in single part power offer? Actually, 3 part motor will operate in the single part power supply with the assistance of a permanent electrical condenser. This little factor (capacitor) terribly useful to create 3 part motor running in single part power offer.

As per our last discussion concerning 3 part motor, normally it has two(2) common winding association, STAR or DELTA association. In this post, I explained the way to wiring the electrical condenser in 3 part motor, how to modification motor rotation, how to estimate the worth of capacitance and choice of appropriate electrical condenser.

Wiring capacitor for 3 phase motor with single phase power supply

Wiring of the capacitor for forwarding rotation

-For FORWARD rotation, we must install a capacitor  in DELTA connection as per drawing below

Wiring of the capacitor for REVERSED rotation

– For REVERSED rotation, we must install a capacitor in any two phases of winding in STAR (Y) connection as per drawing below.

Selection of Phase Shift capacitor

Working electrical condenser c=1950×Ie/Ue×cosφ (micro-law), Ie, use, cosφ is that the original motor rated current, rated voltage, and power laps.

General operating electrical condenser employed in single part power offer on the three-phase asynchronous motor (220V): every 100W use four to six micro-law electrical condenser. The beginning electrical condenser will be hand-picked consistent with the beginning load, typically one to four times of the operating electrical condenser. once the motor reaches 75%~80% of rated speed, the beginning electrical condenser ought to be disconnected, otherwise, the motor can go.

The capability of the electrical condenser ought to be properly chosen to form the currents eleven, twelve of the two-phase windings square measure equal and capable the rated current that is, means that 11=12=Ie. If need high beginning torsion, you’ll add a beginning electrical condenser, and connected to the operating electrical condenser. once the beginning is traditional, disconnect the beginning electrical condenser.

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