Circuit diagram of ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is associate integral a part of each house and trade. during this article, we have a tendency to discuss the wiring of ceiling fans and a circuit diagram of ceiling fans.

The ceiling fan has “Capacitor begin electrical device Run motor”. These motors have the electrical device asynchronous with the beginning winding. The electrical device used for this is often the electrolytic sort. thanks to this electrical device single part get divided into 2 phases, thanks to this magnetic flux is created and thanks to that motor start to rotate. Circuit diagram for the ceiling fan is as shown below wherever the electrical device is connected asynchronously with the beginning winding.

How do I re-wire a ceiling-fan to reverse its direction?

Direction of Ceiling fan motor can be reversed connecting capacitor with running winding instead of starting winding. 

In Single Phase motors why There are more turns on running winding in comparison to starting winding?

In Running winding no. of turns square measure unbroken over beginning winding the rationale behind this can be to make the part distinction in current in each winding to get needed torsion for rotation of the motor.
In begin winding once we keep lower no. of turns, then there’ll be less inductance and a lot of resistance, therefore, current is going to be in part with voltage. currently, by keeping higher no. of turns in running winding, we’ll acquire a lot of inductance and lower resistance which is able to results in current insulation behind voltage, therefore, we’ll acquire needed part distinction.

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