Arduino battery voltage indicator

Batteries escort an exact voltage limit and if the voltage goes on the far side the prescribed limits whereas charging or discharging, the lifetime of the battery get affected or reduced. Whenever we have a tendency to use battery powered project, generally we want to envision the battery voltage level, whether or not it’s required to be charged or replaced. This circuit can assist you to watch the voltage of your battery. This Arduino battery voltage indicator indicates the standing of the battery by glowing light-emitting diodes on a ten section LED show in line with the battery voltage. It conjointly shows your battery voltage on the liquid crystal display connected to the Arduino.

Battery Voltage Indicator simply browses price|the worth} from Arduino Analog pin and convert it into a digital value by exploitation the Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) formula. The Arduino Uno ADC is of 10-bit resolution (so the whole number values from zero – 2^10 = 1024 values). this implies that it’ll map input voltages between zero and five volts into whole number values between zero and 1023. thus if we have a tendency to multiply input analog value to (5/1024), then we have a tendency to get the digital worth of input voltage. Learn here a way to use ADC input in Arduino. Then the digital worth is employed to glow the semiconductor diode chart consequently.

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