Delta to delta transformer connection:

This diagram shows how to make Delta to Delta transformer connection. In this circuit, we will describe how to connect the delta to the delta transformer. A type of three-phase power transformer known as a delta-wye transformer includes coils connected in a delta pattern on the primary side and coils connected in a wye or star pattern on the secondary side. The Y connection can be completed with a neutral wire. Either a single three-phase transformer or three single-phase transformers can be used to create it. The delta-star transformer is its alternative name.

Diagram of Delta to Delta transformer connection:

Delta to delta transformer connection

Components needed For this Project:

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Components used to make the Delta to delta transformer connection:

01. Transformer:

The Primary Winding of the Three-Phase Transformer is Energized from a Three-Phase Supply. The Flux is Produced in the Core by the Primary Currents in the Three Windings. The core has Three Limbs, where any Two limbs act as a return path for the Flux in the Third limb. A Three-phase, 50Hz Transformer has a Delta-Connected Primary and Star-Connected Secondary, the line Voltages being 22,000V and 400V Respectively. The secondary has a Star-Connected Balanced load at 0.8 Power Factor Lagging. Three-Phase has Four Wires, Three actives called phases, and one neutral.

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