Delta to Star Transformer connection:

This diagram shows how to make Delta to Delta transformer connection. In this circuit, we will describe how to connect the delta to the delta transformer. A star connection occurs when one head of each coil in a three-phase system is connected to another to create a neutral point or star. It is referred to as a delta connection in a three-phase system when the beginning of the first phase is connected to the end of the second phase, the end of the third phase to the beginning of the fourth phase, and the end of the fifth phase to the beginning of the first phase.

Diagram of Delta to Star Transformer connection:

Delta to Star Transformer connection

Components needed For this Project:

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Components used to make the Delta to Star Transformer connection:

01. Transformer:

The Primary Winding of the Three-Phase Transformer is Energized from a Three-Phase Supply. The Flux is Produced in the Core by the Primary Currents in the Three Windings. The core has Three Limbs, where any Two limbs act as a return path for the Flux in the Third limb. A Three-phase, 50Hz Transformer has a Delta-Connected Primary and Star-Connected Secondary, the line Voltages being 22,000V and 400V Respectively. The secondary has a Star-Connected Balanced load at 0.8 Power Factor Lagging. Three-Phase has Four Wires, Three actives called phases, and one neutral.

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