Timer relay, or time delay relay, is nearly a form of a relay, that generates a chemical action once the set preciseness time once the sign is side or removed. it’s associate degree electrical part which will turn on or off high voltage or massive current circuits by victimization low voltage or little current. ATO online search provides analog time delay relays and digital timer relays for your completely different applications. These timer relays have wide time setting and therefore the in operation voltages DC 12V, DC 24V and AC 220V ar out there. The 8-pin socket for DIN Rail mounting is additionally nonobligatory. For the precise info, please talk over with the merchandise pages.

A timer is an automatic mechanism for activating a device at a preset time. Stop Timer Controller has MANUAL ON and AUTO OFF function for the set time. It requires an operator to set time and to start the timer manually. Further the controller keeps the motor pump in ON condition for the set time and automatically switches OFF the motor. It is also known as Automatic Turn OFF Timer.

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