Introduction to Tilt Sensor

device used for knowing the planar movement. Although they’re available in various types their basic function remains an equivalent. Their function is to detect the plane shift from horizontal to vertical and sent a sign when it happens. There are modules that would sense even small plane shifts but here we are getting to discuss simple contact type Tilt module. the lean Sensor number is SW-520D.

Tilt sensor Types

The following are the kinds of tilt sensors that supported their construction and principles of operation. allow us to understand the lean sensor working rule.


01. Single-Axis, Single Output: The sensor responds to being tilted around one horizontal axis, relative to the downward force of gravity.

02. Dual-Axis, Dual Output: The sensor contains two sensing elements at 90 degrees to every other. Each has an output which is decided by its angle of tilt from vertical around one axis.

03. Dual-Axis, Single Output: one sensor responds to an angle of tilt from vertical around any horizontal axis.

How does it Work?

The tilt sensor is cylindrical and contains a free conductive rolling ball inside with two conductive elements (poles) beneath.

  • When the sensor is totally upright, the ball falls to the rock bottom of the sensor and connects the poles, allowing the present to flow.
  • When the sensor is tilted, the ball doesn’t touch the poles, the circuit is open, and therefore the current doesn’t flow.
  • This way, the lean sensor acts sort of a switch that’s turned on or off counting on its inclination. So, it’ll give digital information to the Arduino, either a HIGH or a coffee signal.

Pinout of Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor is many times referred to as inclinometer, tilt switch or rolling ball sensor. Using a tilt sensor is a simple way to detect orientation or inclination. This makes it very useful to be used, for example, in toys, robots and other appliances whose working methodology depends on inclination.

Digital Output Any Digital input of Arduino Uno
GND Ground
Vcc 5V DC


01. Long with life.
02. TTL level output
03. supply voltage: 3.3 V to 5V
04. Maximum output current: 15mA
05. Can work on low voltages
06. Output can directly be connected to the controller
07. Easy interface
08. Maximum operating temperature: 0°C to + 80°C


01. Security systems.
02. Digital cameras
03. Toys
04. Motors
05. Robotic arms
06. Vending machines.
07. Measuring instruments.
08. Hobby projects.